Text Analytics Solution that Effectively Provides Fast and Accurate Content Research and Analytics

Overview & Challenge

Our client in the retail industry has an e-commerce website for selling books. The website and application work like most of the other e-commerce websites selling books, providing similar features as the rest. The client wanted to improve the website and add new features that will provide rich and valuable experience for the end customers.

The goal of the effort was to establish an efficient and usable application that would do fast research of the book content and reviews, classification by multiple parameters, and improve customer’s preferences. Additionally, BI dashboards and reports were needed for the shareholders to analyze customer trends and improve the overall business.


⋮IWConnect delivered a scalable state-of-the-art solution that helps customers gain rich e-commerce experience, increase the number of customers, and improve the services. The solution is implemented using component-based visual programming software for data mining, machine learning, and data analysis called Orange.

Business Outcomes

The provided solution increased the website visitors’ number and enhanced their experience. Key results included:

  • Highly improved performance compared to other tools and applications used previously by our customer.
  • Provided accurate information with high-quality based on carefully trained models and algorithms and data mining techniques.
  • Feedback system established for messaging and providing comments on other users’ experiences.
  • BI dashboards and reports used for analyzing trends and data by the business shareholders.
  • Increased availability and usability due to the web-based and rich user interface with a great look and feel using modern technologies.