Synchronize Data with MuleSoft’s AnyPoint Platform

Overview & Challenge

The Client is an electronic components retailer existing on the market for more than 30 years. Their services include sourcing, managing, and distributing various electronic components for various devices starting from mobile phones to even drilling systems. Their enterprise consists of around 20 branch offices in 16 places around the world. Providing reliable global electronics, the client ranks among the top 6 global distributors.

Having a large network of vendors includes a lot of data which increases daily and requires consistent flow among departments to ensure smooth working. Due to the growth over time, the client experienced the challenge of data synchronization. They fetch data from multiple vendors and insert that data into a database. The vast amount of data and the various vendor types imposed the need of finding a solution that will ease the data synchronization process.

Next to the data synchronization was the memory problem. The processing of the data is dependent on the memory of the machine where the processing tool is running on, and very often a memory shortage problem appeared. Additionally, an appropriate pairing of the inventory data with its suitable price should was needed, or merging of two files. Very often, the price was overlapping for more than one inventory type.


The challenges were addressed by using MuleSoft’s AnyPoint platform.

Business Outcomes

The implemented solution enabled a smooth data synchronization process keeping data consistency and accuracy across all systems. Additionally, it included a consistent flow of information regardless of the amount of data which, in turn, increased the operational efficiency of the company. Key benefits include:

  • Reduced memory usage by 45%
  • Increased processing speed
  • Simplified pairing process
  • Reduced complexity of the system and easy maintenance
  • Reusability – the applications were created much faster which lowered the costs by 10%