Streamlining Snaplogic Integrations through Enhanced Project Documentation with VA Pete

About Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB)

Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) is a specialist UK bank staffed by experts focused on providing asset finance, development finance, specialist mortgages and wholesale finance solutions. HTB also provides award-winning savings accounts to individuals and businesses.

Project Overview

HTB has been a long standing SnapLogic and ⋮IWConnect partner and has developed significant business automation and systems integrations throughout. This document initiative was due to a need to streamline the documentation around maintaining and supporting these integrations, and to better support ambitions for further optimizations.


Over the years, HTB’s Snaplogic integrations have grown both in number, complexity and significance. Whilst these brought significant business and operational efficiencies, they also brought a documentation and support burden that grew with time. This challenge meant a drain on resource to maintain documentation when bringing new developers up to speed, or impact assess changes and planned improvements.

HTB’s Goal

HTB aimed to revolutionize its knowledge management by introducing comprehensive, easy-to-read documentation that freed developers to continue to add value to the business. Their vision was to have a database that consisted of both visual and written details, encapsulating the intricate details of each project, thereby making the process of understanding and maintaining the integrations smoother and more streamlined.


Pete emerged as the perfect ally in this ambitious endeavor. The utility and efficiency of Pete played a crucial role in turning HTB’s goal into reality.

How Pete Facilitated a Successful Project Outcome

Quick Documentation Creation and Updates: Pete enabled HTB to quickly create new documents for new projects or update existing ones with recent changes without hassle and minimal developer interaction.
Simplified Process: The tool simplified the entire process of documentation, making it possible to compile visual and written details about each project in a systematic, automated manner.
Ease of Use: With Pete, HTB could easily maneuver through the documentation process, whether it was about creating new documents or updating the existing ones with new changes.
Efficient Knowledge Management: Pete proved to be a powerful tool for knowledge management, allowing for better organization and accessibility of information, which was vital in achieving the organization’s future objectives.


Enhanced Accessibility and Understanding: Facilitated better understanding and accessibility to detailed information about each integration, thereby reducing the knowledge gap.
Streamlined Maintenance Process: Contributed to a more streamlined process of maintaining and updating the integrations without a documentation overhead to facilitate.
Boosted Operational Efficiency: By simplifying the documentation process, Pete played a significant role in enhancing the operational efficiency of the HTB’s team.


This project marked a pivotal point in the client’s journey towards achieving a more organized and efficient method of handling their Snaplogic integrations. Leveraging the power of project documentation with VA Pete, HTB could swiftly realize its goal of having a comprehensive documentation system with both visual and written details for each project. This not only streamlined HTB’s operations but also fostered an environment of continuous learning and adaptation, positioning them well for future developments and expansions.