Streamlining Energy Auctions: A Solution that Automates and Improves Operational Efficiency for a Leading Electricity Company

Overview & Challenge

The client is a leading electricity transmission company operating in Europe and serving a million of people daily. The services that if offers include continuous providing and monitoring electricity supply, continuous improvement of their infrastructure, and aiding the energy market in Europe by promoting an integrated electricity market.

One of the main reasons making the company one of the top electricity transmission companies is the security of electricity supply they offer. To continuously provide this service without any interruptions, the client organizes electricity auctions to enhance its services and the power sector competitiveness. Seeing the number of people being served each day and the positive feedback is proof for the success of this way of functioning.

To support the future growth, the client had to maximize the productivity of their work and to reduce the manual work related to tracking the auctions, meaning the client had to make the entire process automated and digitalized.


Create a web system that would automate the energy auction process, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency. The web system should consist of multiple applications that can interchange data in real time and ensure accuracy and completeness of data while complying with ENTSO-e EU standard for communication in the energy management sector. The system should also include a user-friendly interface for buyers and sellers to manage their auctions, bids, and contracts, аnd it should have features that enable secure communication between buyers and sellers and provide real-time updates on the auction process.

In addition to this, the system should include complex algorithms that would calculate the cheapest results based on a set of rules provided by the client. These algorithms decide which combination to take to satisfy all business rules, and with that to avoid consequences of the legal obligations.


The solution included using Java technology to develop a system that automates the entire cycle of the auctioning process, including displaying auctions, receiving offers, managing the auction cycle, approving, contesting, and winning. Besides automating the auctioning process, the solution is also compliant with ENTSO-e EU standards for communication and is scalable to handle a large number of users and transactions.

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Business Outcomes

The implementation of the web-based solution for automating the energy auction process was a significant milestone for the client. The solution streamlined the auctioning process, eliminating the need for manual work and significantly improving operational efficiency. It also provided a fair and transparent auction process for private entities while complying with the EU rules. The successful implementation of the solution led to a greater customer satisfaction level and an improved reputation for the company. The user interface design of the system is intuitive and user-friendly, enabling both buyers and sellers to manage their auctions, bids, and contracts seamlessly. The system ensured the accuracy and completeness of data, providing a secure communication channel between buyers and sellers and real-time updates on the auction process.

The system is also designed to handle a large number of users and transactions simultaneously, making it suitable for large-scale energy auctions. The complex algorithms can handle a significant amount of data, allowing the system to scale up as needed. With the complex algorithms implementation, the system can calculate the cheapest results reducing costs for buyers and sellers, as they can identify the best deals quickly and easily.

The successful implementation of the solution resulted in dramatic reduction in costs for the Client, at the same time attracting more buyers and sellers due to the fair and transparent auction process, resulting in an increase in revenue.