Spira to Xray Migration: How We Helped One of the Largest US Music Equipment Retailers Improve Testing Efficiency

Client Overview

Our client is a prominent retailer specializing in music instruments and audio equipment. They leveraged JIRA as their core project management tool for development initiatives but were reliant on SpiraTest for their test management processes. SpiraTest had been their primary test management solution, providing extensive test case management, requirements traceability, and reporting capabilities.

Technical Challenge

The client faced challenges in their testing process due to using a separate tool from their project management environment. They required a solution that would integrate seamlessly with JIRA to optimize testing processes, reduce manual effort, and improve the effectiveness of quality assurance efforts.


  • Unified Test Management: Consolidate testing efforts within the JIRA ecosystem, eliminating the need for separate test management tools.
  • Efficient Test Tracking: Enhance the ability to track testing efforts more efficiently within JIRA.
  • Accurate and Timely Test Reporting: Automate test reporting processes and improve the accuracy and timeliness of test reports within JIRA.

Our Approach

During our ongoing communication as their primary QA and testing provider, the client made a strategic decision to adopt a JIRA integrated test management system to elevate their entire testing process. This led to the exploration and evaluation of various JIRA integrated test management tools.

Technical Solution

After a comprehensive analysis, IWConnect suggested Xray, a tool that integrates with JIRA, for its capabilities that matched the client’s specific needs. The migration from SpiraTest to Xray was executed in three distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: Pre-configuration of JIRA and Xray including custom workflows and user roles.
  • Phase 2: Exporting test artifacts from SpiraTest using Excel export capabilities and a custom VB script.
  • Phase 3: Importing test artifacts into Xray, defining mappings, and validating the imported data.


The implementation of Xray involved:

  • Definition of custom workflows for Xray test artifacts.
  • Export and preparation of test artifacts from SpiraTest.
  • Import of test artifacts into Xray and validation of the data.

Business Impact of an Xray Migration

Leveraging Xray as a JIRA Integrated Test Management System has provided several benefits:

  • Simplified and Accurate Test Coverage Tracking
  • Efficient Mapping of Defects to Requirements
  • Comprehensive Testing Progress Reporting
  • Full Automation Life Cycle based on the wide range of Integrations that Xray Offers


Implementation of Xray reduced time spent on managing testing projects by 30%. The client has continued to utilize Xray as the sole test management system for both past and forthcoming IT projects and initiatives, leading to accelerated testing cycles and punctual delivery of new solutions and features.

Lessons Learned

This project highlighted the importance of choosing a test management solution that aligns closely with existing project management tools to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. The successful migration also underscored the benefits of thorough planning and phased implementation in achieving seamless integration and operational continuity.