Software Solution for Managing Public Lighting of an Entire Municipality

Overview & Challenge

The idea behind the effort is to create a solution that will keep track of the street lighting within the municipality (the main city and its suburbs) implemented to increase citizen’s safety. The goal is to have real-time updated information about the current condition of the lighting equipment and to decrease the energy consumption and maintenance costs associated with outdated and inefficient street lighting facilities. In addition, the city administration needs to have solid data about the functionality of the street lighting, its electrical parameters, and performance to optimize the city’s costs, processes, and operations.


The solution is a full package of software and hardware, designed and configured appropriately, which will tackle the requests as needed. It is a Web-based application that is accessible from every location via the Internet. The web application is connected to a mobile application, and the people responsible for the infrastructure can input data directly from the place where the equipment is located. Since the solution is partially automated, the data is automatically transferred to the central database. In this way, both the employees working outdoors and, in the office, have access to updated data about the entire equipment, which facilitates operational efficiency.

Business Outcomes

The proposed and delivered solution provides thorough and up-to-date information about the condition of every object which is part of the public lighting equipment. This, in turn, enables fast reaction whenever a problem appears as there are immediate notifications about the location of the problem. The analysis and reports provided by the solution allow the municipality to take measures to prevent possible power outages and broken light bulbs.

In addition, with the exponential growth of the cities, the increase of the population, the costs increase as well, and the platform that has been created optimizes not only costs but it also:

  • Automatically adjusts the brightness of the streetlights cutting the energy wastage and use
  • Lowers CO2 emission by reducing the energy use
  • Healthier and more sustainable living environment by reducing light pollution