Simplify and Automate Your Payout Process

Overview & Challenge

Our client in the Netherlands which holds a business of factoring invoices between Clients and Debtors was spending a lot of time and resources to handle the payout process towards their clients. They were doing so much manual work in Excel and it was taking too much time.

Additionally, the payout process was a complex flow, which required extraction of data from different parts, considering payout period and historically speaking maintaining all previous payouts for the specific client. The entire process of choosing the items, calculating the fees that were to be added to the payout was a long one and manual.


The solution that we provided consisted of a completely new system, based on the client’s system requirements that takes care of all business flows related to the payout process, maintains the data needed for the payout and builds a functionality enabling the user to prepare a payout for less than a minute.

Business Outcomes

  • A flexible way of displaying the end results – a PDF document that provides a detailed specification about the payout items.
  • Generating PDF files dynamically based on user interaction, so during the entire process of creating the payout, the end-user has total control of the ending result.
  • Increased productivity.
  • A simplified process by 60%.
  • Reduction of manual work by 80%