Simplify and Automate Project Team Membership Process Using Jira Service Desk

Overview & Challenge

The Client is a leading IT company in Europe, existing on the market for more than 15 years, focused on providing outstanding value to their clients in the USA and Europe. The Client’s success comes as a result of the long-standing relationships that they build with the clients, their integrity, and dedication. Their project portfolio includes clients in various industries and sizes.

The global market expansion that they are experiencing includes expansion of the projects, practices, and teams. Having such a fast developing and expanding nature, the client needed standardization of the internal processes or developing the “best practices” that would make the company more efficient. In other words, they needed a solution that would simplify and automate the beginning of a new project or practice and the adding of members, along with the roles and responsibilities.


Jira Service Desk and Jira Software were used to create a custom solution that would allow defining custom issue types for every category that the project or practice includes.

Business Outcomes

The implemented solution ensures product owners and practice leads can easily manage, and organize their team workload. Additionally, it allows planning the workforce capacity which leads to better efficiency and consistency. Key Results:

  • Transform smaller individual tasks into a fully automated and customized process
  • The well-defined process removes the chances of making mistakes
  • Reduced time and effort for administrative tasks
  • Better monitoring and control over resources