Service Now and CISCO CUCDM Integration

Overview & Challenge

The client is the 6th largest telephone and cable operator in the USA, operating on the market for more than 20 years. The users’ number increases over the year, making it to be among the best telephone and cable USA operators. One way to keep the success going up and the steady service it offers is by constantly upgrading the already existing offers, and adding a new one as time and technology requires.

The client was faced with the challenge of inconsistent integration delivery. Besides that, there was a lack of standards for enabling large-scale integration of enterprise systems.


⋮IWConnect built an integration solution for easy management of the communication process. Using SnapLogic we provided a near real-time integration between cloud-based SNOW and on-premise Cisco CUCDM system.

Business Outcomes

  • Services provided by the pipelines are encapsulated and communicated via well-defined interfaces.
  • Changes to specific integration pipelines are decoupled. We are able to modify and test just one pipeline, and then push it to production.
  • SnapLogic’s dynamic cloud environment provides options to scale up and down in response to application load.
  • Faults are isolated so the overall application is mainly unaffected by the failure of a single pipeline.
  • Implemented rollback mechanism completely reverts the changes made in the backend system to the previous state in case there is an error in the invocation of some of the sub-operations.
  • Long term, the platform reduces integration delivery risk, increases implementation speed, reduces costs and increases quality.