Revitalizing Support Infrastructure: A Tailored ServiceNow Solution for a Major Pet Retailer’s Veterinary Department

Overview & Challenge

Our client is a premier retailer in the pet products and services industry, with a stellar track record exceeding 50 years. Through their robust e-commerce platform, they offer a wide array of pet products and valuable advice to a massive clientele, partnering with a diverse network of pet product providers and service vendors.

Client’s Objectives

The key objective was to design and establish a refined support model for their growing Veterinary department, aimed at enhancing ticketing and documentation efficiency and elevating the quality of issue resolution.


Their pre-existing support model was inadequate for the newly expanded Veterinary department, leading to subpar ticketing, documentation and resolution of internal issues. Moreover, their current ticketing tool, ServiceNow, was not fully exploited to cater to the specific requirements of this department, thereby delaying response and escalation mechanisms.


Our Strategy

Our strategy centered around tailoring ServiceNow to build a seamless and efficient process adapted to the Veterinary department. We aimed to design unique group types, categories, and subcategories that would streamline the ticketing process and improve overall user experience.

Implementation Phases

So, we decided to have a systematic approach, and navigated through the nuances of the department to engineer a customized solution.

  1. Creation of a specialized group type for the Veterinary department to handle Incident and Call forms.
  2. Establishment of new, department-specific categories and subcategories, along with an upgraded keyword search function.
  3. Development of custom notifications for users managing Incidents and Calls in the Veterinary department, based on diverse conditions.
  4. Construction of two responsive portal pages to better serve end-users, equipped with contact details, reporting widgets, and a new record producer for issue reporting in this department.

Unique Approach

Our solution offered a distinct approach through a tailored utilization of ServiceNow, aimed specifically at the needs of the Veterinary department. This included distinctive group types, categories, and a personalized notification system, all of which contributed to a more streamlined and effective issue reporting and resolution process.

Business Outcomes

  • Increased Efficiency: The tailored ServiceNow solution significantly improved the efficiency of the Veterinary department’s support model. Streamlined ticketing, documentation, and issue resolution processes reduced response times and enhanced productivity, allowing the department to handle a larger volume of requests effectively.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: With the improved support infrastructure, the retailer was able to provide better assistance to customers seeking veterinary services. Faster response and resolution times led to higher customer satisfaction levels and strengthened loyalty, positively impacting the retailer’s reputation and driving repeat business.
  • Improved Internal Operations: The customized solution facilitated better internal collaboration and communication within the Veterinary department. Clear categorization and streamlined processes resulted in improved coordination among team members, ensuring that issues were addressed promptly and effectively. This led to a more efficient workflow and optimized resource utilization.
  • Cost Savings: The optimized support model reduced costs associated with inefficient processes and delays in issue resolution. By leveraging the capabilities of ServiceNow and tailoring it to the department’s needs, the retailer minimized operational inefficiencies, mitigated potential revenue loss due to unresolved issues, and achieved cost savings in the long run.

Overall, the tailored ServiceNow solution delivered tangible business value, enabling the pet retailer to optimize operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.