Optimizing the Work of an HR Department by Integrating Workday Cloud Platform

Overview & Challenge

The client is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation with a diversified business in the field of electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services. They have several subsidiaries worldwide providing services to a great number of customers around the world. Their success relies not only on the wide variety of services that they offer, but also on the service quality, making them to be among the semiconductor sales leaders and among the first five largest television manufacturers in the world.

Key factors influencing the success is not only the investment and continuous improvement of the services they offer, but also the investment and continuous upgrade of their internal processes. However, in one of the client’s subsidiaries, the HR department experienced a lack in the management of their daily activities. This was due to the fact that they had an old HR system which couldn’t follow the requirements of the client’s HR department, and didn’t fit the UI design provided by the Workday Cloud Platform (WCP) application. What they needed was a complete new, integrated system that will enable the interaction of the Workday Cloud Platform application with the client’s legacy system through SnapLogic, and that will cover all the possible scenarios during the work of the employees and the HR team.


⋮IWConnect delivered a solution that enables the work of a cloud ERP system which will fulfill the needs of the client’s HR department and the employees while managing their daily activities by creating cases/tickets.

Essentially, SnapLogic is a middleware of the Workday Cloud Platform (WCP) application and the client’s legacy system where the data is stored, but all the functionalities needed for this ERP system to work are provided by automated processes fully developed in SnapLogic. The entire system is providing the HR team and the employees with seamless management of their work activities, by also enabling a single source of truth.

Business Outcomes

Together, ⋮IWConnect and SnapLogic provided the client’s HR department with a complete system to successfully manage their daily activities and needs from the company. Key results included:

  • Optimized workflow, and automated processes
  • A near real-time integration between the WCP application and client’s legacy system.
  • Unified, scalable, and easy to maintain solution
  • Increased implementation speed and reduced costs
  • Integration solution and configuration model with common functionalities developed following best practices and coding standards