Optimizing the Selling and Buying Process by Integrating Salesforce and WordPress

Overview & Challenge

Impel Union is a US-based company, which sells a wide variety of exceptional trucks and trailers to qualified drivers and companies. They work diligently to tailor programs and payment schedules to meet customers’ needs, as well as the wishes of companies and individuals.

Whether the customer is an individual, small or mid-sized company, they offer leasing solutions with terms that can fit into customers’ budget and help improve the total return on their investment.

One of the key processes influencing the efficient working of Impel Union is the listing and accessibility of the inventory. This process should be easy for the employees responsible for adding new items in the system, and it should be synchronized in real-time, meaning whenever a new item is added it should be immediately visible on the website. However, Impel Union was using two different systems to store the same data, which meant double the effort to achieve the same goal, i.e. add new items. In addition, the process of data synchronization was a manual one, which was time-consuming and prone to errors.


The solution included incorporating Salesforce as one of the leading platforms for inventory management and use of REST API calls from the website to get all the data based on the previously set criteria.

Business Outcomes

The solution significantly improved Impel Union’s efficiency by replacing the double-manual data import with a system such as Salesforce and integrating it with WordPress. Key results included:

  • Reduced time needed for manually adding products by 100%;
  • Reduced the possibility of error;
  • Improved customer acquisition and retention processes;