Optimizing the Search Time in Incident Reports – ServiceNow

Overview & Challenge

The client is a leading pet products and services retailer, existing on the market for more than 50 years and providing its customers’ products, services, advice, and experiences for their pets via their e-commerce website. They have a vast network of pet products and services partners, and as such, they have an enormous number of clients.

To perform at its best, the client has implemented a system for tracking, responding, and resolving incidents. By expanding into other markets following its global expansion strategy, the client was faced with a challenge to optimize the search time in the incident reports. In other words, the client needed an easy way of performing keyword search within the Incident reports of ServiceNow. So, instead of manual search of numerous Categories and Subcategories value combinations related to some incident, to have a field where they would be able to enter only the first letter and have all combinations listed to choose from. The main challenge was that the table where the values are stored cannot be changed and referenced.


As a cloud-computing platform, ServiceNow helps companies manage digital workflows, and our ServiceNow team has provided a solution that included customization of the platform and adding a keyword search option in the Incident report.

Business Outcomes

By implementing the keyword search option in the Incident report the client greatly optimized the search time, and improved employees’ efficiency as there is no need to remember all the different combinations of categories and subcategories. Key benefits include:

  • A complete custom-made solution;
  • Reduced time for searching by 40%;
  • Increased visibility;
  • Easier searching by entering only a letter;