Optimizing Steel Selling Process – from Steel Ordering to Truck Loading

Overview & Challenge

The client is a large metallurgy company, a leader in stainless steel production using low-cost biomass (charcoal) to produce high-quality steel, including electrical steel and nickel alloys. Their markets include over 40 countries in a wide variety of industries.

Existing on the market for a long time, and serving customers in many countries and industries requires flawless information exchange so the business runs in the most efficient manner. However, the client had system integration that was old, unsupported, and even “deprecated”.

Without seamlessly connected systems and automated flow among all systems, the client was unable to keep track of the orders, maintain a reliable and functioning process, and ensure stability.


The provided solution was developed using the three-layer architecture using API Led Connectivity or The Application Network pattern. [You can read the full solution in the complete Case Study]

Business Outcomes

The provided solution enabled our client to become more concurrent in the big market of worldwide producing and selling the steel by replacing its old legacy integration layers with a modern MuleSoft solution, which in turn aligned all their internal processes, enabled seamless data flow, and improved transparency and sales processes. To say it simply, the solution optimized their supply chain which resulted in greater efficiency. Key benefits:

  • Increased security due to increased data reliability
  • Reduced system complexity and easy maintenance
  • Increased customers’ satisfaction by reducing time to market