Optimizing Software Systems and Hardware to Improve Company’s Efficiency

Overview & Challenge

The client is the 6th largest telephone and cable operator in the USA, operating on the market for more than 20 years. The users’ number increases over the year, making it to be among the best telephone and cable USA operators. One way to keep the success going up and the steady service it offers is by constantly upgrading the already existing offers, and adding a new one as the time and technology requires. But basing the success and functioning solely on upgrading and adding offers without any investment in the internal software and hardware is not enough.

Being aware of the points that might hinder the performance, and the overall business, the client decided to improve its software and hardware as it was outdated and inefficient, which as a result reflected on the company’s efficiency. What they needed was the migration of multiple SQL Servers to a newer version without losing any functionality and minimum downtime. The migration should allow the Client’s IT team to monitor the performance easily, maintain the databases, and ensure proper and timely backup.


The solution included a thorough analysis of the Client’s business and database environments, which was followed by an upgrade of the SQL Servers in a careful manner to prevent downtime period.

Business Outcomes

By implementing the solution which included an upgrade of the SQL servers, the performance was immediately improved. Additionally, the introduction of new security policies provided another layer of data protection, which made the business compliant with many policies and made the security system more reliable and robust. Key results include:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity by 45%
  • Improved performance by 30%
  • Accelerated database recovery
  • Scalable data solution