Measure and Buy Shoes for Your Child Using Just Your Phone

Overview & Challenge

If you are a parent, you certainly know what it takes to go to the shops and buy shoes for your child. But, what if you had an app that automatically measures your child’s foot, suggests footwear, and gives you an opportunity only with a click on your phone to buy it?

One of our clients, who isn’t a tech-savvy person, came to an idea – to create a mobile app that will enable the parents to buy footwear for their children using only the camera of their phone. They should only have to take a picture of the child’s foot and the application will automatically display all the shoes in the store with that size.

The client had the idea and the enthusiasm to do it but didn’t have someone that will do it. ⋮IWConnect came up with a solution for it.


By using Flutter, we created a cross-platform mobile application that detects a child’s foot size by using a Library card or card with the same size as that of a credit card. Once the size is detected, the app displays the products of that size.

Business Outcomes

  • A complete user-friendly application was created which was responsive on all devices.
  • An e-shop created from zero along with measurement features which led our client to start their own business.
  • Easier detection of children’s foot size.
  • Easier shopping.
  • Decreased time for shopping for 40%.
  • Decreased nervousness and stress associated with shopping footwear for kids.