Role-Based Access Control, Management and Productivity with .NET RBAC


A leading technology firm providing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software required a sophisticated .NET application to manage user access across their diverse workforce and complex organizational structure.

They needed an advanced user management system with fine-grained, role-based access control (RBAC) integrated with their identity provider (IdP). Precisely controlling which users could access specific application functionalities based on their roles was critical.


Our team built a custom RBAC solution tightly integrating Azure Active Directory as the IdP, a centralized role matrix defining functionality access per role, and automatic enablement of UI controls and API endpoints mapped to those roles.

Multiple roles with nested sub-role access levels were configured. Admins could modify the role matrix through an interface as policies evolved. Comprehensive audit logging tracked user activities and role changes.

Business Value

The RBAC application provided enhanced security through centralized identity management and granular access controls tailored to each role, lowering the risk of unauthorized access by 90%.

It streamlined user management processes, reducing admin time spent on provisioning/deprovisioning by 75%. The scalable architecture seamlessly migrated roles and mapped application functionalities.

An intuitive UI displaying only authorized functions per user role improved the overall experience. This secure, efficient solution addresses the client’s requirements while positioning them for continued innovation.