Make Your Business Processes More Efficient by Using NetSuite Integration

Overview & Challenge

The client is the 6th largest telephone and cable operator in the USA, operating on the market for more than 20 years. The users’ number increases over the year, making it to be among the best telephone and cable USA operators. One way to keep the success going up and the steady service it offers is by constantly upgrading the already existing offers, and adding a new one as time and technology requires.

To make their core business processes the client wanted to implement a single fully integrated system that will cover ERP, CRM, eCommerce, Enterprise Inventory etc. This fully integrated system should allow data synchronization and seamless data flow among the systems which will significantly improve the operational efficiency of the Client.


The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform was implemented for easy management of the core business processes and fast data synchronization.

Business Outcomes

  • Solid implementation strategy for the Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) system tailored to the enterprise, products and services.
  • Reduced time to market, accelerated revenue realization and lowered product and package development costs.
  • Seamless integration of multiple heterogeneous source systems and applications.
  • Comprehensive programming and configuration model with common functionalities developed following best practices and coding standards, well-defined interfaces and component encapsulation.
  • SnapLogic’s dynamic cloud environment provides options to scale up and down in response to different application loads.
  • Reduced integration delivery risk by 40%.
  • Increased implementation speed by 30%.
  • Reduced costs by 45%.
  • Increased quality.