Transforming Loan Process Automation for a Leading Southeast European Bank


Our client, a leading banking group in Southeast Europe, faced the daunting task of creating a complex web application for loans that seamlessly integrated with multiple systems across different platforms. The primary challenge was to automate all aspects of the application’s functionality, ensuring seamless communication and thorough validation of input and output parameters.


To tackle this challenge, we developed a comprehensive automation strategy leveraging cutting-edge tools and frameworks. We implemented Selenium for web, mobile, and desktop application testing, integrated with CI/CD tools like Jenkins. Detailed automated test scripts were created, covering critical user flows, input validation, and system interactions. Jira and Xray were utilized for project management and test management, respectively.

Our approach included setting up development and testing environments tailored for automation, implementing the Page Object Model (POM) structure, leveraging AI and prompt engineering for test case definition and data creation, and utilizing the Healenium library for efficient script maintenance.

Business Value

The implementation of automated testing yielded significant business benefits, including reduced costs, higher test coverage, reusable test suites, fast feedback loops, and less error-prone processes. Continuous testing, seamlessly integrated with CI/CD pipelines, enabled faster releases and higher-quality software.

Our strategic tool selection, adoption of POM structure, AI-driven test case generation, and Healenium integration proved instrumental in achieving a highly efficient and effective automated testing process, delivering substantial value and ensuring continuous software quality.

If you want to learn more about transforming Loan Process Automation download the full case study.