Large-scale Integration Project for US National Wireless Service Provider

Overview & Challenge

The Client’s rapid growth into new markets left it with aging systems that were unreliable, provided little process visibility, and increased customer churn. ⋮IWConnect was selected along with its main US partner for the implementation of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to facilitate the migration from the client’s legacy systems to a new BSS/OSS.

The high complexity and the lack of abstraction layers created more failure points in the enterprise and increased the occurrence of customer affecting outages. Most of the IT budget goes into the maintenance of the current IT infrastructure and only a small amount is available for new functionalities to drive new business opportunities.


⋮IWConnect created modern architecture for the integration of the new systems supporting our client’s BSS/OSS including SOA, event-driven architecture, business process management, complex event processing and master data management.

Business Outcomes

  • Established standardized methodologies, governance, templates and frameworks that brought structure and reuse to what was a very entrepreneurial environment.
  •  Improved visibility into enterprise-wide system events and exceptions.
  •  Increased purchased software ROI.
  •  Enabled agile new product launches through an improved SOA based integration infrastructure.
  •  Established error-management and audit-logging SOA utility services.
  •  Paved the way for complete SOA adoption within the company.
  •  Reduced total software cost of ownership.