Streamlining Internal Processes with Jira Service Management Automation at IWConnect


IWConnect, an IT services company in Macedonia, faced significant operational inefficiencies as it expanded. With 400 employees, the company struggled with dispersed service requests, manual workflows, limited visibility, and siloed communication, leading to delays and collaboration issues.

These challenges hindered the company’s ability to manage internal service requests, track issues, and maintain transparency.


To tackle these issues, IWConnect implemented Jira Service Management (JSM) automation as its primary IT service management tool. This move centralized all service requests into a single platform. Additionally, the integration of Jira Software for IT asset management and Groovy ScriptRunner for automation streamlined repetitive tasks.

Real-time dashboards and reports provided visibility into request statuses and performance metrics, while Confluence was integrated for effective knowledge management. A change management workflow based on ITIL foundations was also established to enhance the system’s efficiency.

Business Value

The adoption of JSM led to substantial improvements for IWConnect:

  • Increased Efficiency: Data processing times were cut by 50%, speeding up decision-making processes.
  • Cost Savings: Streamlined data management processes resulted in significant annual cost savings.
  • Enhanced Data Accuracy: Error rates decreased by 25%, boosting confidence in decision-making.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction scores rose by 15%.

JSM automation transformed IWConnect’s internal processes, fostering better efficiency, transparency, and employee satisfaction. The centralized platform automated workflows and improved collaboration, enabling employees to deliver superior service. This case study highlights the importance of strong data governance, effective communication, and agile approaches in driving successful project outcomes.