Achieving Seamless Integration with Efficient Testing and QA Management for a Leading Electrical Wholesale Network

Errors Reduced
Accuracy Rate
Over 500
End-to-End Test Cases

Client Overview

Our client is a top-tier electrical wholesale network with a prominent footprint in the UK, North America, Ireland, Spain, and Australia. They are renowned for their superior customer service, adaptability to unique customer needs and provision of high-quality products.

Technical Challenge

The primary challenge was the migration from an obsolete accounting system “Great Plains” to “Workday,” while concurrently integrating their existing systems (MISOS and IMS) into the new platform. The main technical hurdle was ensuring seamless integration and precise mapping of fields between these legacy systems and Workday. These older systems harboured numerous bugs that needed resolution during testing. The client had a tight deadline of two months to complete all testing, which required effective coordination and synchronization of 23 QA resources split into smaller teams.


  • We needed to ensure successful integration and field mapping between the legacy systems (MISOS & IMS) and Workday.
  • Identify and rectify bugs within the legacy systems to maintain data accuracy during migration.
  • Complete all testing within a tight two-month deadline via structured planning.
  • Support user acceptance testing (UAT) while collaborating closely with our client’s Finance team.

Our Approach

For our approach, we followed a structured and organized methodology to successfully test the integration between the legacy systems (MISOS and IMS) and Workday.

Analysis & Strategy

We initiated an extensive analysis of our client’s existing systems (MISOS, IMS, Snaplogic), along with their integration requirements for Workday using diagnostic tools. With this understanding in place, we created a well-structured test case repository using Zephyr even before development started.

Technical Solution

Our expert team focused on examining and testing the integration between MISOS/IMS and Workday for accurate field mapping and data transfer. Our Snaplogic team played a crucial role in the integration process as we employed manual as well as automated testing methodologies using DB and Postman to trigger some flows. And Jira served as our centralized project management tool.


Despite the fact that multiple QA teams were working on various flows simultaneously, effective coordination ensured efficient tracking of test cases, defects identification, progress monitoring through Jira dashboard. A total of 500+ test cases were created for varied integration scenarios. Additionally, our team collaborated with our client’s Finance team for UAT testing in a dedicated environment.


Our integration testing efforts resulted in enhanced data accuracy, streamlined processes, improved efficiency, increased productivity, enhanced decision-making, cost savings, and high data integrity. The client expressed complete satisfaction with our expertise, commitment, and timely delivery.

Performance Metrics

  • Reported approximately 150 issues during the two-month testing phase.
  • Detected critical tax-related issues in source systems ensuring compliance.
  • Reduced error rates by 25% via rigorous testing.
  • Achieved 98% accuracy rate in data transfer & processing enhancing data integrity.
  • Integrated over 500 end-to-end test cases ensuring robust test coverage.

Business Impact

  • Efficient financial processes were achieved through seamless integration between legacy systems & Workday.
  • Increased productivity & data reliability resulted from successful implementation of new accounting system combined with bug corrections in legacy systems.

Lessons Learned

We discovered that:

  • Communication is key—regular meetings expedited issue resolution
  • Proper documentation maintained consistency across QA teams
  • Prioritizing user stories resulted in efficient resource allocation
  • Thorough examination of legacy systems helped identify potential challenges early on
  • Flexibility was essential when dealing with overlapping stories
  • And prompt feedback from end users enhanced user experience overall

Client Testimonial

“Our team has a habit of providing constructive feedback to assist our IT vendors in improving for future projects. However, with your team, we are extremely satisfied to the point where we cannot identify any negative aspects. Your exceptional expertise in integration testing and unwavering commitment to meeting deadlines went beyond our expectations.”