Integrating APIs and Streamlining Order Management Process

Overview & Challenge

Being in an industry where you are connected to a lot of resellers requires a minimum, if not zero, chances for deployment and functional errors of the deployed APIs.

One of our clients, a US Telecommunication and wireless equipment company is using Amazon Web Services as an infrastructure and service provider. The client was in the process of customer acquisition through multiple reseller channels. They decided to build a set of APIs that will allow their resellers to integrate with these APIs and streamline the Order Management process. Amazon API Gateway was the natural choice for developing and deploying these APIs considering the client’s strong Cloud (and Amazon in general) preferences.


The solution developed included design and implementation of the APIs using Node.js, AWS Lambda, and Amazon API Gateway.

Business Outcomes

  • Immediate code quality insights through user-friendly reports;
  • Increased security in the whole system by separating the environment variables from the code into limited access locations
    that store encrypted data at rest;
  • Reduced number of deployment errors by using automated and synchronized Amazon resource creation scripts;
  • Reduced time for deploying new API versions by 40%;
  • Reduced the number of functional errors originating from deployed APIs by 35%.