Integrating All Operational Aspects of a Global Manufacturing Environment – from Purchase Order to Product Delivery

Overview & Challenge

The client is a global furniture supplier and the most successful mass marketing retailer with more than 300 stores operating in more than 30 countries. It exists on the market for more than 50 years, with proven steady growth and success over the years. Its success comes as a result to the services, and goods it offers, as well as to the outstanding relationship that it builds with its customers, and the prompt delivery of goods.

By expanding into other markets following its global expansion strategy, there was а need to concentrate on diversifying its operations into other markets promptly and efficiently. In other words, the client was trying to define the specific enterprise capabilities that will help achieve competitive advantage.

Therefore, there was a need to support and improve the business processes by providing a robust and efficient information platform supply to the organization. What the client needed was a new integration platform that will integrate all operational aspects of a global manufacturing environment; from purchase order to delivering final product. Additionally, the new integration platform should integrate the data between the various systems timely and accurately, and also should simplify the interoperability between the systems involved in the supply chain processes, such as: purchasing, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, moving to another lot or warehouse.


The provided solution included using SnapLogic to handle all communications between ERP and Warehouse solutions. More than 30 business processes were implemented to support the entire end-to-end supply chain management system. Additional systems have been implemented to establish interoperability across the same integration platform by using the same integration processes, thus reducing the needed time-to-market. The solution also included several ways of exchanging data between the ERP and Warehouse systems to make sure that accuracy and consistency are achieved.

Business Outcomes

The provided solution enabled the client to integrate all its internal processes, and have all the data of the entire enterprise at one place. This, on the other hand, lead to improved efficiency, and data access. Key results:

  • Usable data and shared assets across the enterprise.
  • Seamless integration of different applications across the unified integration platform.
  • New model that supports ERP, Warehouse, e-Commerce and Supply Management System.
  • A platform which is easy extendable for new systems.
  • Centralized business process management solution.