Integrated Data Management and Business Analytics Solution with a Web-based User Interface

Overview & Challenge

This case study provides an overview of the key points in building a web-based data management and analytics solution for conducting Monte Carlo experiments and a number of statistical calculations based on multiple input parameters.

Our client, a large scientific company providing biotechnology product development services, is helping its customers accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics, deliver medicines to market and increase laboratory productivity.

The main goal of the effort was establishing an efficient and usable web application with the ability to conduct Monte Carlo simulations and perform complex statistical calculations on the data with increased and improved performance, scalability, availability, and usability.


⋮IWConnect delivered a cost-effective and robust solution that optimally performs the Monte Carlo simulations, along with a huge number of statistical calculations needed for analysis. The solution optimized and replaced multiple enterprise tools used by the client for the same purposes.

Business Outcomes

  • Improved performance for 200% compared to all enterprise statistical and analytics tools used so far.
  • Handling an unlimited number of users and experiments, as well as up to 1M trials for each experiment (Monte Carlo simulation).
  • Increased usability because of the web-based UI, great look and feel using the latest charting responsive technologies.
  • Great visibility of the project structures, experiments, and statistical parameters.
  • Unquestionable security – authentication and authorization.
  • Possibility for establishing a hierarchy of users and roles with authorization security levels.
  • The user can export all the data shown in multiple formats.