Increasing Operational Efficiency by Integrating ServiceNow and Third-party Vendor System

Overview & Challenge

The client is a leading pet products and services retailer, existing on the market for more than 50 years and providing its customers’ products, services, advice, and experiences for their pets via their e-commerce website. They have a vast network of pet products and services partners, and as such, they have an enormous number of clients.

To perform at its best, the client has implemented a system for tracking, responding, and resolving incidents. By expanding into other markets following its global expansion strategy, the number of partners increased, thus the chances for incidents increase. Even though the client had an incident tracking system implemented, some of the incidents had to be resolved at the vendor’s side. To do that, the client had to use phone calls or emails to report the incident, meaning the process included a lot of manual work, the inclusion of too many parties, slow, costly, and prone to errors process. What the client needed was an integration of the ServiceNow system of the client and the vendor’s custom systems.


By using Push/Push architecture, the client’s (ServiceNow) and the third party’s custom system are integrated.

Business Outcomes

The integration of the client’s incident tracking system, ServiceNow, and the third-party vendor system improved the process of resolving incidents by automating the manual submission of incidents to the third-party vendors. This, in turn, eliminated human error chances and improved efficiency and speed. Key results include:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Easy for use and maintenance
  • Real-time reports and monitoring