Improving the Power Supply Process by Automating the Auction Process

Overview & Challenge

The client is a leading electricity transmission company operating in Europe, and serving a million of people daily. The services that if offers include continuous providing and monitoring electricity supply, continuous improvement of their infrastructure, and aiding the energy market in Europe by promoting an integrated electricity market.

One of the main reasons making the company one of the top electricity transmission companies is the security of electricity supply they offer. To continuously provide this service without any interruptions, the client organizes electricity auctions to enhance its services and the power sector competitiveness. Seeing the number of people being served each day and the positive feedback is proof for the success of this way of functioning.

To support the future growth, the client had to maximize the productivity of their work and to reduce the manual work related to tracking the auctions, meaning the client had to make the entire process automated and digitalized.


By using Java and Angular.js we delivered a solution that automates the entire auction process, provides real-time information regarding the auctions state, and eases the identification and resolution of potential problems.

Business Outcomes

The solution enabled the client to maximize its productivity and efficiency, and in turn to even more increase the stability and security of continuous power supply. Additionally, the daily work that took more than half the day to complete an auction process was cut down to one hour, which on the other side decrease the chances for mistakes by 40%. Key results:

  • Automated auction process, decreased manual work, and chances for human error
  • Increased stability of the power supply process