Enhancing Sales Teams’ Efficiency through Automated Data Import in Salesforce

Overview & Challenge

The client is a US independent supplier of medical products and services, existing on the market for 20 years. Besides providing medical supplies, they focus on answering questions about products and insurance. Their focus is on providing their patients and customers with the best products and services.

As a leading provider of medical supplies, our Client is dedicated to ensuring exceptional customer service. With plans for expansion into new markets and expanding service portfolio, the volume of customer data has increased significantly. However, the process of importing this data into Salesforce was done manually. The sales team would enter customer data (information about territories and zip codes) into an Excel spreadsheet, then manually import the data in Salesforce. This process was time-consuming and prone to errors, sometimes resulting in duplicate territories and zip codes due to the lack of visibility into Excel, which eventually led to low productivity.


The manual data import process was automated by using the Salesforce Data Loader application which allows bulk data import and export.

Business Outcomes

By automating the process of data import into Salesforce, the client succeeded in improving the sales teams’ performance and efficiency. The automation eliminated the potential for errors and duplicates. Key results included:

  • 80% reduction in time required to insert leads;
  • A fully automated process of importing data (territories and zip codes) in Salesforce;
  • Increased transparency among the sales team members;
  • Support for large files with up to 5 million records;
  • A 40% increase in productivity.