Improving Products Quality by Employing a Tool for Using Data and Performing Complex Analyses

Overview & Challenge

If you are working in the manufacturing industry, you certainly know the importance of having accurate data represented in a way that will improve your decision-making process. Effectively collected, processed, and stored data is essential for making proper calculations and analysis.

One of our clients, a leader in the manufacturing industry with over 20 plants all over the world, delivering solutions and services to their customers worldwide, wanted to improve their decision-making process and analytics based on complex calculations and analysis. What they needed, was a reporting solution that will provide a complete non-conformance overview of their products. The main goal was to identify the valuable information and the appropriate data that will represent it and relate to it efficiently so the client will get the desired reports (initially given in excel files as a pattern) and be able to gain valuable insights from the data.


Our team delivered a cost-effective and robust analytics solution intended to improve reporting capabilities and the decision-making process.

Business Outcomes

  • Increased efficiency of the process and analysis of the production data.
  • Improved product quality by having reports used for complex analyses of non-conformance reason factors.
  • Improved decision-making process.
  • Easy access to the reports from the client’s QMS or Telerik reporting tool.