Improving Online Sales Using an eCommerce Solution

Overview & Challenge

Do you know that your e-commerce solution represents your brand? It is a part of your business and should provide the best customer service by simplifying the business processes and making them faster and efficient.

One of our clients, in the telecommunication industry had an old e-commerce solution which led to slower customers’ services, too many bugs, increased time for responding to customer requests, etc. Driven by the passion for giving exceptional service and great value to the customers, our client decided to implement a new design with new functionalities that will result in better service and an increased number of potential customers.

One of the biggest challenges was redesigning the old design and implementing the new functionalities in a short period of time. Besides this challenge, the other challenges were the following:

  • Complete UI redesign to improve user experience
  • Implementing a solution for monitoring user behavior
  • Dynamic business requests for the new features
  • Combining different technologies
  • Making the application responsive (mobile-friendly for any device)
  • Deploy in multiple infrastructure environments
  • Long term evolution and ever-changing business rules


The solution included using React/Redux to create an eCommerce application that is safe, secure, user-friendly, and works on different browsers across different devices. In addition, the solution is completely customizable, meaning the client can add new features, offers, promotions, and content whenever they want.

Business Outcomes

  • Created a new modern cloud-based solution.
  • Easier use of the website better performances for improved user experience.
  • Responsive cross-platform design for different devices to attract more customers.
  • Implemented SSL for encrypting private user information including end-user passwords and credit card numbers.
  • Increased sales by over 70% using the new online store.
  • Easy for maintaining and making future enhancements.