Improving Incident Traceability by Automating the Process of Incident Status Change – ServiceNow

Overview & Challenge

The client is a leading pet products and services retailer, existing on the market for more than 50 years and providing its customers’ products, services, advice, and experiences for their pets via their e-commerce website. They have a vast network of pet products and services partners, and as such, they have an enormous number of clients.

To perform at its best, the client has implemented a system for tracking, responding, and resolving incidents. By expanding into other markets following its global expansion strategy, the client wanted to automate the process of incident status change, monitor the statuses, and track the time needed to solve that incident. Up until automating the process, no one received any information whether the incident ticket has been resolved or in a phase of resolving, and very often incidents were forgotten and there was no info on the time needed to resolve the incident.


What the client needed was the automation of the process of incident status change (Start, Stop, Pause, and Reset Conditions) based on a countdown. By creating specific Workflows into ServiceNow instance three different status choices were created which define the flow of the process, manage status change, and define the timer duration.

Business Outcomes

The automation of the process of incident status change enabled the client to monitor and track the statuses of the incidents, i.e. whether they are active, done, or idle. Additionally, the solution enhanced incident traceability by giving the client info about the time needed to close an incident. Key results:

  • Monitoring and tracking work performance in the Incident form;
  • Automatic status change based on countdown timer;
  • Increased traceability of completed and waiting-to-be completed incidents;
  • 100% incident resolving rate;