Improving Efficiency and Service by Automating the Import Data Process at V12 Vehicle Finance

Overview & Challenge

V12 Vehicle Finance is a trading name of Secure Trust Bank, a comprehensive, used vehicle proposition that’s unique to the industry. With a powerful hub of products and technology-led partners, we make it easy for car dealers to source, buy, sell and finance used vehicles.

Secure Trust Bank, is an award‐winning retail bank that provides transparent banking to over a million customers across the UK. Founded in 1952 in the West Midlands, it has offices located in Solihull, London, Manchester, Cardiff, and Rotherham.

As part of their growth plan, they have implemented a new IT infrastructure making them more modern and agile. To further support this growth plan and improve new business opportunities, they needed to automate many repetitive, manual tasks, as well as replace certain legacy systems, which made the collection, transformation, and analysis of real-time business data challenging. Solving these challenges would enable V12 Vehicle Finance IT team to focus on more strategic projects.


V12 Vehicle Finance has already tried solving these challenges but the results they got didn’t satisfy the requirements they had, as they needed a modern iPaas solution that had an intuitive user interface, short learning curve, fast deployment, and most of all a solution that was cloud-based, feature-rich, and enterprise-grade. By implementing the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform, V12 Vehicle Finance successfully integrated their internal applications and systems, and automated key processes, allowing a seamless data flow across departments.

Business Outcomes

By using SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform, V12 Vehicle Finance has greatly improved its effectiveness and ensured accuracy by automating the unreliable, manual processes. Additionally, the integration of systems and processes led to significant savings due to improved efficiency and time to value

As V12 Vehicle Finance has reported, SnapLogic adequately addressed the requirements they had, and even exceeded their expectations. Additionally, having a platform that is really easy to learn and use, enabled client’s internal IT team to quickly adjust to the new platform, and focus on more strategic and higher-value projects.