Improve IT Support by Implementing ITSM Solution for Rapid Service Delivery

Overview & Challenge

When an incident happens, the first thing that you do is report the incident and then an entire process of incident management happens. If this process isn’t automated then it might be a huge problem for its management. One of the biggest bank corporations in North Macedonia had the problem of reporting incidents. They had an old system with outdated functionalities half of which didn’t work properly. As a replacement, whenever an incident occurred, the employees either called or wrote an email to the responsible person in order to report the incident.


The client’s IT team needs to speed up service delivery and collaboration. The solution that we implemented as a custom process provides a quick and easy way of reporting different types of requests like incident, change requests, problem management, and more.

Business Outcomes

  • A highly optimized and automated process.
  • Configurable and easy self-service portal.
  • A faster and easier way to report a problem than before.
  • Reports about the number of incidents and their statuses (new, ongoing and resolved).
  • Decreased response time down for 60%.
  • Speeding up service delivery by 80%.
  • Predefined SLA policies to keep track of deadlines based on elapsed time or request categories.
  • Automated escalation rules to notify the right team members to prevent SLA breaches.
  • Custom automation rules to handle all manual tasks.
  • Decreased the old way of reporting problems by emails and calls for 90%.
  • Real-time reports to identify metrics such as the number of incidents associated with a specific problem.