Implementing a Sophisticated Web Platform that Transforms User Experience

Overview & Challenge

The Client is a US transport and logistics company providing services within the region and transcontinental. Their services include handling logistics, coordinating freights within the allocated destinations, and safe timely load delivery. Its mission is to improve efficiency and provide significant cost savings to its customers.

Even though the Client had a high rate of delivery upon schedules (98% of the time), they wanted to ensure that their service is second to none and to provide their clients with a platform which will enhance their experience tremendously. Previously, the users had to call the Client’s dispatchers to organize transport of their freight. Having to call the dispatcher, and then the dispatcher to search for available trucks and get back to the user was absorbing substantial time and effort which sometimes caused frustration. The Client wanted to improve this process and implement a platform that will significantly reduce the way of reserving a truck, and that will support a great number of users at the same time. In addition, the platform needed to be user-friendly, and to have all the necessary information that one user would need in order to reserve a truck, such as: closest truck, truck availability, truck routes, contact info, etc.


By using Angular, .NET, and Azure, we have created a web platform covering the entire process of reserving a truck which was previously done via a phone. The users should simply enter the city/zip code where they are located, the dates when the load should be picked up and they will be shown a map of all the available trucks. All info regarding the position of the trucks is selected from the systems that the transport and logistics company have. Once a truck is selected, the user could see the exact location of the truck, the time needed for the truck to reach the user’s location, and the contact info of the dispatcher to make the agreement.

Thus, the user gets complete freedom in choosing the truck, and an overview of all trucks available. The only thing that they should do, once the truck is chosen, is to contact the dispatcher and make the agreement. So, instead of taking time to find a truck, the platform does that for no more than a few seconds at the maximum.

Business Outcomes

Once the web platform was implemented, the Client experienced a significant positive impact on their operations. Due to the implemented option for reserving a truck, the Client’s employees could do their job more thoroughly and be more efficient. Additionally, the service is 24/7 available to the Client’s users which affects the overall user experience and satisfaction.

Key benefits:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced substantial time and effort to reserve a truck
  • Increased user satisfaction, which leads to increased users’ number
  • Reduced time for reserving a truck to few minutes