Hot Chocolate GraphQL Integration for Unifying Telecommunication Operations

Client Overview

Our client is a major player in the telecommunications industry, with a massive team exceeding a hundred thousand. Their business is all about connecting people and enterprises, and that means dealing with a complex web of data sources and order processing systems.

They identified a bottleneck in their operations that was a major time waste for their processing team that made them drown in processing work and saw the need for implementation of a more efficient, unified approach to handling their data.

That was our queue.

Technical Challenge

We’ve seen these types of problems over and over again, and we expect there will be more as businesses of all industries are slowly transitioning away from legacy systems or are trying to find a way to modernize and automate their workflows.

Traditional data integration methods often fall short when businesses face a surge in data volume and complexity. Disconnected data from multiple sources can cause severe bottlenecks:

  • Inefficient Order Processing: Inconsistent data slows order fulfillment, frustrating customers and impacting revenue.
  • Lengthy Development Time: Integrating new or altered data sources becomes a cumbersome, time-consuming process.
  • Data Consistency Concerns: Maintaining a unified view of your data across systems becomes a constant battle.

These challenges underlined the client’s need for a streamlined, modern data integration solution to accelerate development and ensure optimal order processing.


Our immediate objective was to Implement a unified, efficient data integration solution to:

  • Consolidate and query data from multiple sources.
  • Enable rapid development and changing data requirements.
  • Ensure data consistency and reliability.
  • Position the client for innovation and future growth.

Our Approach

After assessing multiple options and approaches, we landed on selecting an Enterprise Application Development ready GraphQL server – Hot Chocolate, .NET based server developed by ChilliCream that is known for its flexibility, efficiency, and powerful querying capabilities.

Technical Solution

Hot Chocolate integrates with existing data sources to provide a unified GraphQL API. This allowed our developers to query multiple sources as if they were one, reducing complexity and development time. The type-safe nature of GraphQL ensures data consistency and reliability.


We implemented a phased integration, establishing a unified GraphQL API and gradually migrating parts of the infrastructure. This approach minimized downtime and allowed for continuous optimization during the rollout.

Business Impact of the Hot Chocolate and GraphQL Implementation

The implementation of GraphQL API using Hot Chocolate as a Server empowered our client to optimize their order processing by unifying data from multiple sources into one unique service. This significantly eased the development process and optimized time. This type of modernized foundation also sets the stage for future innovations.


  • 57% reduction in order processing times
  • 45% decrease in development time for new features
  • 2x improvement in data consistency
  • Integration of 12+ data sources

Lessons Learned

By implementing GraphQL API using Hot Chocolate as a Server, our client gained a flexible, efficient foundation to meet current demands and build future solutions. The new infrastructure has transformed their order processing with improved efficiency, service levels, and an increased bottom line.