Driving Construction Innovation With NextJS: How We Built an Intelligent Platform Unlocking 50% More Organic Visibility

Client Overview 

Our client, a leading player in the construction sector, specializes in manufacturing silicone, caulks, foams, and adhesives.

The Challenge: Poor SEO and Accessibility

The client needed a digital tool for architects, construction workers, and handymen to identify materials for specific problems, a gap filled by competitors’ offerings. The challenge was to build mobile and web applications operable offline in remote construction areas with poor internet connectivity. The app needed dynamic solution selection, strong SEO, and high optimization.

Objectives: Enable Offline Use and Improve SEO 

The objectives included creating mobile and web applications with offline capabilities, implementing effective SEO, designing a dynamic solution selector, optimizing the applications, and hosting them on Azure.

Our Approach: Select Next.js for Better SEO

Analysis & Next.js Selection

After thorough analysis, we determined that using React and Next.js would enhance SEO and efficiency. Next.js provides server-side rendering (SSR) critical for search engine optimization.

Technical Solution

We utilized MSSQL for its robust handling of relational data. A .Net backend served both applications, with an Azure function synchronizing daily data from the client’s system. The mobile app was developed in Flutter, while the web app leveraged Next.js for SEO. We also used progressive web app (PWA) technology enabling offline functionality.

SEO-Focused Development

We implemented meta tags, image optimization, structured data, and other best practices in Next.js. SSR via Next.js allowed search engines to crawl and understand the web app better.

Results: Enhanced SEO and Offline Availability

The Next.js web app saw a 50% increase in organic search visibility through improved SEO. Offline functionality expanded accessibility.

Conclusion: Leverage Next’s SEO Capabilities

Next.js delivered a fast, SEO-friendly web app experience. PWAs expanded offline availability. This shows the benefits of using Next.js for search engine optimization.

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