Establishing a Secure eCommerce Shop in Three Weeks’ Time

Overview & Challenge

Our client is a leading company in the retail industry, existing on the market for more than 5 years and providing products, services, and advice to its customers from their vast network of partners. Their success has been growing ever since they have started working due to the wide variety of services that they offer in their local stores.

As technology advances, and human shopping behavior changes, they have recognized the need to establish an e-commerce shop as soon as possible. This need increased even more with the pandemic crisis since their normal selling business in the local shops was reduced due to the quarantine period. They urgently needed an online solution where their customers can browse, order, and receive their goods as fast and easy as possible.


The solution included creating an e-commerce shop by using Laravel and the cloud platform commercetools. The e-shop is scalable, flexible, and easy to use. To provide secure payment, we implemented PayPal and Stripe gateways which are some of the most common and secure payment providers used.

Business Outcomes

The provided solution enabled the client to transfer the local stores online in times when e-commerce expanded overnight and managed to achieve customer retention. This, in turn, increased customers’ satisfaction and number, which on the other hand resulted in increased ROI. Key results included:

  • A fully-functional, responsive e-commerce shop created within three weeks’ time
  • Safe and secure shopping, along with fast products delivery
  • Customer retention and sales increase