Enterprise Integration in Practice: Automating Asset Finance System

Overview & Challenge

Hampshire Trust Bank (HTBis a specialist bank, staffed by experts focused on helping UK businesses realize their ambitions. Their dedicated Specialist Business FinanceDevelopment Finance, and Specialist Mortgages divisions ensure that businesses receive the outstanding service, lasting relationships, integrity and expertise they need to prosper. HTB also provides savings accounts to individuals and businesses.

To support their exponential growth and market expansion, as part of their ongoing digital transformation strategy, HTB sought to implement a new asset finance system. The legacy system and processes required extensive manual procedures and data processing. Data was stored at multiple points and the system required ongoing configuration to add new functionality. To remedy this and to enhance business processes, HTB implemented a new asset finance system and migrated the new critical processes and data to the cloud. This cloud migration in isolation wasn’t enough: processes and data had to communicate between each other to enable a seamless workflow.

HTB recognized the best approach to ensure all systems could work as one cohesive unit was to integrate them.


⋮IWConnect and SnapLogic delivered a solution that ingests, prepares and delivers data in several destinations, consisted of different submodules to more effectively manage the entire lifecycle.

Business Outcomes

By combining ⋮IWConnect’s expertise and SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform, HTB succeeded in ensuring all systems worked together as one cohesive unit and automated the process of compiling and constructing information, making SnapLogic one of the key pillars in their organization enabling this transformation. This, in turn, made HTB more agile and efficient, and improved the performance in a great deal. Key Results:

  • Reduction in cost, and improved customer service.
  • Significant manual operations were avoided thus eliminating wasted time and the risks of manual data manipulation.
  • Data from Asset Finance System and other sources is integrated with the existing legacy systems autonomously without manual intervention.