Enhancing Sales Team Performance with Dynamics 365

Overview & Challenge

The Client is a leading IT company in Europe, existing on the market for more than 10 years, focused on providing an outstanding value to their clients in the USA and Europe. The Client’s success comes as a result of the long-standing relationships that they build with the clients, their integrity, and dedication. Their project portfolio includes clients in various industries and sizes.

The Sales department of the Client includes more than 5 salespeople responsible for winning, keeping, and maintaining opportunities. As the team gets bigger, so does the need to monitor and keep track of activities increases and becomes a burden. The Client is continuously investing in different ways to empower the sales team with advanced processes to improve productivity, become smarter in the sales cycle, provide customer insights, and reduce administrative barriers. To achieve all this and to facilitate the work of the sales team, there was a need to accomplish several things:

  • find a way to identify potential leads
  • enable the sales team to focus on important prospects
  • gain visibility of email interactions with customers in Outlook and
  • keep track of all the important records in a CRM system

Additionally, they needed data on the current situation to create a forecast and predict revenue in the short-term and long-term period. What the client needed was a solution that will provide thorough information on the opportunities and their current status and will enable the Sales Manager to track all related data all in one platform.


The solution included configuration and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Sales Hub. Sales Hub gathers all accounts and contacts information keeps them in one place and enables the sales team to base their decisions on insights. In addition to this, ⋮IWConnect also provided consulting services on how to best apply and use the opportunities offered by Dynamics.

Business Outcomes

  • Automated administrative tasks and reduce the administrative time by 60%
  • Decreased the likelihood of committing errors by 30%
  • Increased productivity of the sales team by 40%
  • Guided, custom business processes that accelerate the closing of the deals
  • Availability regardless of the place and time