Enhancing Enterprise Efficiency by Improving Employees’ Activities Tracking Process

Overview & Challenge

The client is a US independent supplier of medical products and services, existing on the market for 20 years. Besides providing medical supplies, they focus on answering questions about products and insurance. Their focus is on providing their patients and customers with the best products and services.

As an enterprise of large scale, its structure includes various departments with sub-departments and a lot of employees. Due to the big employees’ number, the client’s managerial team couldn’t keep track of employees’ daily activities. Their daily work included filing information, call logs, patients notes, opportunity notes, and many other activities that weren’t properly tracked.

As a result to this, the managerial team didn’t have any status on the work being done, and also input that would help them compare the work being done by different employees.


The solution included creating custom reports and dashboards in Salesforce. It also includes integration with third-party applications and provides reports about all activities done within those applications.

To improve the transparency and visibility of everyday work, the reports are also being sent on email. In this way, the managerial team can track the activities without having to log into Salesforce.

Business Outcomes

Having organized the entire work of its employees and displayed in reports and dashboards, the client achieved improved transparency and control of daily activities that are created by the employees. The solution completely changed the previous way of following employees’ activities within the enterprise. Key results included:

  • The way of tracking activities is improved by 90%;
  • The time that is spent on manually checking employees’ activities has been reduced by 100%;
  • Possibility for managers to track the reports from email;
  • Increased productivity for 70%;