Enhancing Customer Retention and Customer Acquisition by Developing an Integration Framework with MuleSoft’s AnyPoint

Overview & Challenge

The client is a European bank serving its clients for more than 30 years and the largest bank in the country of operating. The services it offers are both for private and corporate clients, companies, public and financial institutions. Despite operating within its country, our client has a great number of offices abroad supporting its clients. The client’s success and the growing number of customers are a result of the quality of the services, the availability, expertise, as well as continuous support.

To improve the services it offers, the stability, and clients’ satisfaction, and to support its growth the client decided to implement a solution that would make them a provider of payment services for new and existing portfolios, and a payment acquirer.


IW used MuleSoft API Led Connectivity or The Application Network pattern to deliver a solution that migrates, correlates, processes and validates the static and transactional data from an external system to the Salesforce data model. The process is further supported by the lead generation process, as well as the merchant data validation process.

Business Outcomes

The provided solution enabled our client to become a service payment provider and a payment acquirer. Additionally, the solution improved our client’s stability, increased customers’ satisfaction, and improved the payment processes. The migration from the existing system was done in a seamless way without any interruption of the processes. Key results include:

  • Increased processing speed.
  • Reduced complexity of the system and easy maintenance.
  • Reusability – the applications were created much faster which lowered the costs by 10%.
  • Standardization – developing an integration framework enabling the bank to integrate their application landscape with both internal and external payment services and other payment providers with minimal effort, using the power of the integration system.