Enabling a Stable Production Environment with Continuous Visibility and no Data Loss

Overview & Challenge

In order for the processes in your company to run smoothly, they should be continuously monitored so that no major setbacks appear. In cases when some problem appears which is not monitored, it might lead to unavailable systems for a longer period of time which further leads to decrease of users’ number and potential profit loss.

One of our clients, a mid-range US cable operator, uses SnapLogic platform for handling their ETL transformations, but also for integrating real-time data which must be successfully loaded and processes due to its sensitivity and importance. This process requires continuous monitoring so that it runs smoothly.


⋮IWConnect designed, implemented, and continuously monitors a well-oiled process, so the client can be sure that the data is successfully loaded, the environment is up and running, and that there are no major undetected problems.

Business Outcomes

  • Reduced Source and Target API errors by 80% by leveraging a mix of manual and automated monitoring processes;
  • Decreased costs by 40%;
  • Increased team productivity on issue resolution, increased visibility and prompt communication by 50%;
  • Reduced the number of Severity 2 & Severity 3 tickets by 50%;
  • Provided lower ticket resolution time by agile and accurate reaction and automated processes;
  • Increase in asset reuse;
  • Increase of support team efficiency based on rich knowledge base management process.