Empowering Artists: How a Distribution Feature on a Music Platform Boosted Paid Subscribers and Music Monetization

Overview & Challenge

The client provides a platform that supports emerging artists in gaining global exposure and attracting the attention of renowned record labels and industry professionals. Their services enable artists to rapidly expand their fanbase and connect with influential individuals within the music industry. The platform offers a streamlined experience, allowing artists to efficiently grow their network and increase their visibility in a matter of minutes.

Client’s Objectives

The client wanted to attract more users to their platform and boost paid subscriptions.

The client faced a significant challenge as their platform lacked the capability for users to independently monetize and distribute their music to major streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. This limitation had a direct impact on user engagement, user growth, and the number of paid subscriptions.

Without the option to distribute their music independently, users on the platform had limited opportunities to showcase and monetize their musical content on popular streaming platforms. Consequently, this lack of incentive hindered the client’s ability to attract and retain users, resulting in slower user growth and a lower number of paid subscriptions.

What the Client Needed

The client needed to implement a solution that would provide users with the ability to distribute their music independently to major streaming platforms. By introducing this distribution feature, paid subscribers would be empowered to showcase their music to a wider audience and monetize their content effectively. This enhanced incentive for users to upgrade to a paid subscription, driving an increase in the client’s user base and boosting their overall profits.


The challenge was twofold: firstly, developing and integrating the distribution feature into the existing platform, ensuring seamless connectivity with major streaming platforms. Secondly, effectively communicating the value and benefits of this feature to existing and potential users, highlighting how it would enhance their opportunities for exposure, monetization, and success in the music industry.

Successfully addressing these challenges would enable the client to achieve their goals of increasing user engagement, growing their user base, and ultimately driving higher paid subscription numbers, resulting in increased profitability for the business.


The ⋮IWConnect team has developed a comprehensive solution to address the distribution needs of our client’s platform. We recognized the importance of allowing users to monetize and distribute their music independently to major streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.


The entire distribution feature was built from scratch. Our primary focus was on creating an intuitive and user-friendly flow that would streamline the process for users. We accomplished this by developing a multi-step form, allowing users to easily input all the necessary data required by the major streaming platforms.

To ensure the efficiency and flexibility of our solution, we employed the atomic design pattern. This approach allowed us to create custom React components that could be combined to form a fully customizable multi-step form. The atomic design pattern was chosen for its reusability and versatility, enabling us to achieve the desired results effectively.

The need for this solution arose from the fact that individuals cannot upload their tracks directly to streaming platforms. A middleman is required to facilitate the distribution process.

With our client’s distribution feature, users now have the opportunity to request the distribution of their tracks. Once approved, they gain an easy and seamless way to get their name out to a wider audience and monetize their creative work.

Business Outcomes

Overall, the distribution feature has proven to be a game-changer for the Client, driving increased paid subscriptions, enhancing user engagement, and establishing their platform as a trusted hub for independent music distribution. By providing artists with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed, the Client has solidified its position as a leading platform in the music industry. Key Results include:

Increased Paid Subscribers: Users now have a compelling incentive to subscribe as they can leverage the feature to distribute their music independently to major streaming platforms. This increase in paid subscriptions has positively impacted Client’s revenue and overall business growth.

Enhanced User Engagement: By offering users the ability to monetize and distribute their music, the Client has effectively engaged their user base. The distribution feature has provided artists and musicians with a valuable opportunity to promote their work and reach a wider audience. This heightened engagement has fostered a vibrant and active community on the platform.

Improved Platform Value: The addition of the distribution feature has significantly enhanced the value proposition of Client’s platform. Artists and musicians now have a streamlined and user-friendly process to upload and distribute their tracks across popular streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. This added functionality has positioned the Client as a go-to platform for independent music distribution, attracting both aspiring and established artists.

Monetization Opportunities: The distribution feature enables artists to monetize their creative work more effectively. By gaining access to major streaming platforms, musicians can generate revenue through streaming royalties and expand their fan base. This monetization potential has empowered artists to pursue their passion while earning a sustainable income.

Competitive Advantage: Through the implementation of the distribution feature, the Client has gained a significant competitive advantage in the music industry. The ability to offer independent music distribution sets them apart from other platforms, attracting artists and music enthusiasts who are seeking opportunities for self-promotion and greater control over their music careers.