Easy Detection and Reporting of Damages in Estates Ready-to-be-sold

Overview & Challenge

If you are in the real estate industry, you are familiar with the activities related to checking the estates to be sold, noting the damages or inconsistencies, preparing a report, sending the report, and waiting for feedback when the repairing has been done. It is a tiresome process, especially because when it involves a lot of paperwork and writing.

One of our clients in the real estate industry, who isn’t a tech-savvy person, wanted to find a solution to replace the paperwork and handwriting. The problems that our client had associated with it were the following:

  • Inconsistent reports on the damages
  • Hard tracking, maintaining, and analysis of the reports
  • Taking a long time to check one house, so only 2-3 estates were checked in a day
  • Low efficiency and productivity
  • Increased costs over time


The solution included creating an application that will be able to take a video of damages in the houses and will give realtors the ability to describe the damage and put notes. Additionally, the data can be exported in pdf and the entire documentation can be used in future – to check whether the damages have been repaired, and moreover to keep track of every estate that has been checked along with the status of the same.

Business Outcomes

  • Increased productivity of realtors for 40%.
  • Lowered costs for 45%.
  • Decreased time for noting down the damages by 60%.
  • Fast documentation generation regarding the damages.
  • Easy maintenance of the application.
  • Better organization and control of what has been damaged and what has been repaired.