Easy Buying, Selling, and Reviewing of Electronic Components

Overview & Challenge

If you are in the trading industry, you are probably familiar with the tasks of reviewing, selling, and buying products (components). It’s a difficult process where you have to keep track of the products, their prices, how much you have in stock, where they are stored, etc.

One of our clients in the electronic components trading industry wanted to find a solution to speed up the process of selling/buying products and to be able to work from wherever they want. The problems that our client had associated with it were the following:

  • They were bound to work from within their company grounds.
  • Hard tracking, maintaining, and analysis of the reports.
  • Taking too long time to check one product.
  • Low efficiency and productivity because they had only 8 hours at work to do the job.


We implemented a completely technological solution that solves all of the aforementioned problems. We created an application with which the traders will be able to make requirements, sales orders, invoices. The traders would also be able to search which components are available, manufacturer, price, who is selling/requesting the components, also to group the components so in the future you can sell/buy them in one click, to generate a customer purchase order document (PDF) and export it. We also generated statistics for each individual user, the profit, sales, and orders that particular user has done.

Business Outcomes

  • Increased productivity of traders for 30%.
  • Lowered costs for 35%.
  • Decreased time for noting down and making the sales by 60%.
  • Fast documentation generation regarding the sales.
  • Easy maintenance of the application.
  • Better organization and control of what has been sold and what has been bought.