Driving Digital Transformation in the Transport Industry with an Advanced Analytics Product

Overview & Challenge

Digital Logistics Group is an innovative Startup company working on SaaS Solution for Transportation and Logistics industry. The Client is a unique combination of Carrier, Freight Broker and Software Technology companies with a goal of optimizing the Freight Transport Industry with the usage of intelligent technology of today.

Being involved in the carrier and freight brokerage, DLG has recognized that the best way to optimize processes, maximize operational efficiency, and improve profitability, is if the carrier and freight brokerage companies get timely, accurate, and detailed analyzed reports on gathered data. Up until the implementation of the platform, carrier and freight brokerage companies generated reports from their legacy systems in all forms and sizes on a monthly or quarterly basis, making the execution of preventive and corrective measures impossible or way too late. Additionally, they didn’t have a tool or mechanism to gather and analyze information about the driver’s performance on the road, which directly affected business profitability and driver’s safety. Furthermore, without having comprehensive ELD log data for drivers and having integrated that data for analysis in real-time and/or near real-time, quality improvement actions couldn’t be taken. Companies could not easily and quickly recognize good drivers and reward them, and couldn’t identify low-performing drivers.


Digital Logistics Group came to an idea to create a platform that would use intelligent technology for gathering and integrating all data that is related to transportation and logistics industry into one central place from where it will be analyzed in real/near-real-time. Partnering with ⋮IW, they created a Software as a Service solution that connects and analyzes data about the Load offering, locations of freight and available trucks, routing, current performance of the truck, driver behavior, financial data for fuel price, tolls, and other expenses, truck maintenance and fuel consumption stats. Additionally, it gives the possibility for generating comprehensive insights about “transportation process performance”.

Business Outcomes

The digital logistics platform is ELD compliant, making the client not only ELD compliant, but also proactive as it provides real-time reports and analytics which help in preventing mechanical breakdowns and safety issues even before they happen. In addition, the transparency that it provides to the transportation and logistics business contributes to balanced and predictable costs on both sides, Carrier and Shipper, decreases operational and insurance costs by proactively taking care for general safety in the transportation process and increases drivers’ satisfaction by ensuring they get proactive advice for increasing their overall performance.

Key benefits include:

  • Access to best trucks and drivers with full transporter profiles, including safety scores
  • Minimized operational costs via automation with existing SCM systems
  • Timely reports based on advanced analytics using AI and ML which improve the overall operational efficiency
  • Improved transportation service and increased customers’ satisfaction
  • Full transparency
  • Detailed reports about fleet utilization, truck and driver performance, safety score of the drivers and the fleets
  • Increased profitability