Digital Transformation Product with Advanced Analytics Capabilities

Overview & Challenge

This case study presents an overview of the digital transformation product owned by a transport and logistics company, providing a huge number of functionalities and modules, processing data from a number of external systems and providing all types of analytics insights intended for multiple business users and groups.

The solution consists of multiple modules, intended for multiple tenant types within transport and logistics industry constructing a state-of-the-art and unique ERP system that handles all complex aspects of the transport industry in a unique way and at the same time providing immutable distribution system for credibility analyses of different business users and groups.

The ultimate goal is to effectively collect, process and use data in order to help clients build analytics-driven organizations and achieve better performance through data.


⋮IWConnect developed a unique product for digital transformation, providing transport and logistics functionalities, processing big data from multiple systems and providing real-time and batch-processing analytics insights for multiple business users and groups.

We continuously work on upgrading this product with additional functionalities and integrating it with additional platforms and applications.

Business Outcomes

  • The client and their customers became ELD compliant and more proactive at the same time, by giving them a tool that will help them prevent mechanical breakdowns and safety issues even before they happen. These are only some of the many other opportunities which will be further added to the platform. Our main goal is to make every fleet as safe, efficient, and profitable as possible.
  • The platform optimizes the value of both helping businesses use data into their own favor regarding managing and tracking their fleet.
  • Highly efficient product for providing transport and logistics capabilities, manipulating freight (loads), optimization of fleet performance, trucking driver’s performance and controlling overall profit and loss.
  • The platform is integrated with multiple TMSs and other source systems need for a number of needs to ensure uninterrupted business flow.
  • Our clients have distributed solution integrated with modern ELD compliant devices that provides collecting, analyzing and delivering all kinds of diagnostics from the vehicles using the latest technology and getting valuable insights in form of reach BI reports and increase safety with real-time alerts.