Cost Optimization for a Large Telecommunications Company’s Cloud Infrastructure

Client Overview

A prominent telecommunications company, with a hybrid infrastructure spanning 34 AWS accounts across four regions, faced challenges in managing its extensive cloud resources. The company’s AWS setup included 24+ databases in a production environment, each handling 10-50 million records.

Technical Challenge

The company faced significant challenges in managing their AWS resources efficiently due to rapid expansion. A lack of oversight led to unmanaged resources, resulting in approximately 20% excess expenditure on cloud services annually.

This not only inflated costs but also created uncertainty in resource utilization. Seeking to streamline expenses and optimize resource use without compromising business operations, the company approached us for a solution.

The Plan: Analyze, Streamline, Optimize

Our cloud experts dove into the accounts, scrutinizing usage metrics and patterns. Guided by the telecom’s business priorities, we developed a triple aim:

• Cut costs by 36%. Starting with a detailed audit identifying unused resources and right-sizing instances.

• Boost visibility. By generating integrated monthly utilization reports tied to metrics—enhancing data-driven decisions.

• Increase efficiency. Through consolidating workloads, eliminating legacy systems, and optimizing resource scheduling.

The bottom line? Significant savings through aligning expenses tightly to actual business needs.

The Results

The implementation of our tailored solution significantly enhanced operational efficiency while achieving a substantial cost reduction of over 36%. This was accomplished through a series of strategic interventions:

  1. Optimized Resource Allocation: By right-sizing and consolidating RDS and Reserved Instances, we achieved savings between 36% to 54%, demonstrating our commitment to precise and effective resource utilization.
  2. Legacy System Elimination: The removal of outdated legacy accounts and systems contributed to a 36% cost reduction, streamlining operations, and paving the way for modern, efficient processes.
  3. Cloud Resource Scheduling: Through optimized scheduling of cloud resources, we realized additional cost savings of over 20%, showcasing our ability to leverage cloud technologies for cost efficiency.
  4. Automated Monitoring: The introduction of automated monitoring systems further reduced costs by 5% to 10%, emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement and innovation in operational practices.

Future Outlook

The implementation of the solution has led to significant advancements in the client’s operational capabilities, marking a turning point in their business trajectory. Notably, the project has established a robust foundation for sustainable growth. The newly developed infrastructure is now effectively scalable, allowing for future expansions without incurring proportional increases in costs. This scalability is a critical factor in driving operational efficiency, ensuring that the client can grow without being hindered by escalating expenses.

The enhanced efficiencies and cost savings achieved through this project are projected to boost the client’s operational capacity by an additional 10% annually. This growth is not only impressive but also strategically aligned with the company’s long-term goals. By staying true to their strategic objectives, the client is well-positioned to enjoy continued success and stability in their market.

Comparative Analysis & Industry Benchmarking

In a comparative analysis against industry benchmarks, the client has outperformed the averages significantly. With a 20% higher efficiency in cloud resource utilization and a 15% faster deployment rate for new services, the client stands out from their competitors. These figures are indicative of the client’s superior position in the market and their capability to leverage technology for business excellence.

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