Continuous Testing of eCommerce Website

Overview & Challenge

The Client is one of the largest US music retailer chain with more than 200 locations, existing on the market for more than 50 years. Besides selling musical instruments, the Client also offers music lessons and repair of musical instruments. Their mission is to ensure that everyone, musicians and non-musicians enjoy when playing or learning to play a musical instrument.

The client, decided to implement Continuous Delivery process for their multiple e-commerce sites. The Continuous Testing paradigm should be implemented to ensure delivering new features to the e-commerce site on-time and without regression defects. Challenges:

  • Release of new features every two weeks
  • Five different eCommerce sites supported by two different Oracle ATG instances
  • All features should be validated within two-week sprints


The solution included an Agile testing approach and regression testing. In addition, manual and automated tests are specially designed.

Business Outcomes

  • No regression defects after each release in production;
  • Across multiple sprints, 90% of planned improvements and changes are successfully implemented in production;
  • Implemented testing approach, reduced business & technical risks, and improved code quality;
  • Quick detect and resolution of configuration issues in Production environment detected during Product Verification Testing after each release;
  • Increased e-commerce site’s customer satisfaction with new features and functionality on-time, resulting in more orders.