Continuous Monitoring of Transformations Handled by TIBCO Platform

Overview & Challenge

In order for the processes in your company to run smoothly, they should be continuously monitored so that no major setbacks appear. In cases when some problem appears which is not monitored, it might lead to unavailable systems for a longer period of time leading to a decrease in users’ number and potential profit loss.

One of our clients, the world’s largest musical instruments retailer, uses the TIBCO platform for handling their transformations. The client implemented batch/real-time processing so that a large group of transactions can be collected and the data is processed by a program during a single run. This process requires continuous monitoring so that it runs smoothly.


We configured, designed, and implemented a TIBCO environment. Going further we provide full assistance, reduce delays, and eliminate failures and set of other activities in order to assure that the environments are up and running.

Business Outcomes

  • Increased visibility and control – ability to manipulate and control every process, event, tool from one place, rather than logging in and out of different platforms and rationalizing data from different sources.
  • A simplified process.
  • Created automated Hawk alerts to notify appropriate groups when there is an error in the internal/external services.
  • Highly scalable architecture for other external clients.
  • Improve and get faster product delivery to better satisfy customers.
  • Securing reliability and high availability, leading to reduced stress at highly skilled employees.
  • Reduction of stress can result in retention of staff and an environment that is focused on continual improvement.
  • Increased sales and revenue growth.
  • Increased business viability.